10,000 Miles to the American Dream

Our Story of Financial Freedom

“You only live once, so be bold, be brave and go out and give life a CRACK!” – Reed Goossens

G’day, the reason you are here is to learn more about achieving financial freedom through investing in US real estate. 

The stories of eight Aussies who traveled the 10000 miles from Australia to the United States to find their own American Dream. Stuffed full of inspiration, education, and “fair dinkum” Australian humor!

We all have our own reasons for traveling the 10,000 miles from Australia to the United States. Some for love, some for work, some by chance. Through our passion for real estate we all found financial freedom, our own version of the American Dream, and a bloody great group of mates!

We wanted to share our stories with the world so that we can inspire and educate as many people as possible live the life of their dreams! We had a blast writing this book and all of the good humor and fun exudes and blends with the priceless practical information that will help you live your life like the #RealEstateMates do!

So what are you waiting for? Stop sitting on the fence, take control of your financial future, and live life on your terms!

10000 Miles to the American Dream Book

10,000 Miles to the American Dream

Find out how a bunch of Aussie's can move half way across the globe in order to achieve financial freedom." "If we can do it that so can you

Our Story of Financial Freedom

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Gino Blefari

10,000 Miles to the American Dream is an investment in your self-education and an investment in your future. Real estate means you can be your own boss, make a lot of money, have freedom and achieve success through the power of a dynamic team. With the #RealEstateMates, you will discover the power of an A-Team. 10,000 Miles to the American Dream, is a powerhouse of information on how to invest in real estate.

- Gino Blefari - CEO of HomeServices of America and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServicest
T Harv Eker

10,000 Miles to the American Dream is the book for anyone considering real estate investing. A must-read for beginners and long-time investors.

- T Harv Eker - #1 New York Times bestselling author of Secrets of teh Millionaire Mind
Rod Khleif

10,000 Miles to the American Dream is a how-to for investors and is filled with tons of valuable information for aspiring real estate investors. As an immigrant myself, going from poverty to owning more than 2,000 properties and living that American dream, I truly hope this great resource inspires both foreign and U.S. nationals to seek the dream for themselves. And then, like my friend and #RealEstateMate Reed Goossens and I have done, give back to help others achieve the same.

- Rod Khleif - Host of The LIfetime Cash Flow Podcast
Rich Desich

The American Dream is such an incredible concept. 10,000 Miles to the American Dream is a wonderful modern twist on that journey taken by so many. The book has incredibly insightful information on real estate investing and building teams. To achieve great things in life, you need to create great teams.

- Rich Desich - Co-Founder of Equity Trust
Jason Medley

The right attitude combined with the right opportunity always triumph over a lack of experience. Each of these gents are a testament to that. If these Aussie Real Estate Mates can travel 10,000 miles to live the American Dream, then what is stopping you?

- Jason Medley - Founder & CEO of The Collective Genius Real Estate Mastermind
James Whittaker

10,000 Miles to the American Dream is a refreshingly candid insight into real estate investing in the U.S., brimming with expert tips to help you get started and build a strong portfolio. Written with larrikin humor to keep you motivated along the way, make this book the first asset in your real estate portfolio.

- James Whittaker- Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author of Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy

Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate

This bold instruction manual, taught by a surprisingly down-to-Earth real estate investor, brings passion and excitement to a subject that most consider inaccessible.

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Investing in the U.S. Real Estate
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