“You only live once, so be bold, be brave and go out and give life a CRACK!” – Reed Goossens

G’day, the reason you are here is to learn more about achieving financial freedom through investing in US real estate.

In 2012 I moved half way across the world to chase a dream. I quit my job and left my comfort zone behind in Australia in order to change my life, change my story, and really give life a CRACK!

There are plenty of real estate investing books out there that are full of advice to help you on your journey towards financial freedom. But the fact is that none of these books are written by someone who actually turned their life upside down, moved 10,000 miles in order to achieve financial freedom.

This book is a continuation of my podcast also called Investing in the US. I have summarized all the best episodes down into the Ultimate guide to US Real Estate.

So what are you waiting for? Stop sitting on the fence, take control of your financial future, and live life on your terms!

Want to take your investing career to the Next Level?

Be Bold, Be Brave and GO give Life a CRACK!

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Reed has written a must-read primer for anyone considering breaking into the US real estate market... Read this Book and learn from an Entrepreneur on FIRE

- John Lee Dumas - Influencer and host of Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast

Real estate investing is an amazing way to build wealth, yet so many people are too scared and intimidated to take the plunge. This book covers everything you need to know, from what you personally want out of real estate investing to more technical and logistical considerations, in know in easy-to-understand language.

- Kathleen Shannon - Host of Being Boss Podcast, entrepreneur, author, and real estate investor

Investing in the US might appear out of reach for many, but Reed has made it happen and this book dispels that myth. He reveals how you can get started investing in US real estate, regardless of background or experience. Real estate investing comes down to education and taking action, so if you want break into US investing, read this book and get after it.

- Jake Stenziano - Multifamily Investor, Host of Jake & Gino Podcast, & Co-Author of Wheel Barrow Profits

This book is a must read primer for anyone considering breaking into the US market and start buying US real estate investments.

- Joe Fairless - Investor & Host of Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever PODCAST

Want to invest in the US real estate market? Then follow the blueprint in this must-read book and learn from Reed Goossens - one of the best in the business

- Michael Blank - Multifamily Investor & Educator and Author of "Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing
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