RG 004 – Building Your A-Team here in the U.S. with John Carney

Show Notes:

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from our conversation with John:

About John:

  • Founder of americapropertysource.com.au (APS)
  • Author of Real Estate Is A Team Sport. The 9 Players You Need To Profit Click here for a copy!
  • From Cleveland Ohio
  • Resides in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
  • Helps connect Australia investors with finding cracking U.S. real estate investment deals.

Nuts and Bolts:

Real Estate investing is a TEAM sport!!

  • Steps to creating the right team to help you succeed.
    • Build the right relationships with the people you meet.
    • The same team members will apply wherever you invest in your backyard, interstate, or internationally: develop your systems and team.
    • Develop, and continue, to grow your financial education
    • ‘You can make money by accident, but you can’t create long term wealth by accident’ – Grant Cardone

The 9 Team Members!

  1. Financial Minders: An Accountant, as an international investor you will need an accountant in the U.S. and in your home country who knows real estate!
  2. Buyers agent/source of real estate deals.
  3. Title Agent: Helps close the deals.
  4. Source of funds: Find a good financial institution or lender, hard money, or private money partners, who want to help you grow.
  5. Legal advice: good local real estate attorney who knows the local laws.
  6. Property manager: This member is one of the most critical players!
  7. Person who is brining the deals to the table
  8. Good partners to invest with: potentially people who might have different skillset to your own.
  9. Mentor: Someone who has experience in real estate investing and you can turn to for advice.

– You Must Take Action Steps! – but there is a smart way to do it and that is building the right team so you can ask the right questions and make the right decisions.

American Property Source 5 Step Method for Real Estate Investing:

  1. Discovery: Understanding the investors story and their ‘why’; why they want to buy bricks and mortar?
  2. Structure: The best legal entity to own real estate in the U.S.
  3. Transaction Management Company: Helps manage the
  4. Run the property yourself: Understand how to run an asset
  5. Profit and Grow! Be in a position to scale up!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

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