RG 011 – What is EB-5 Financing? Encouraging Foreign Investments into the U.S. – with Andrew Polsky

Show Notes:

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from our conversation with Andrew Polsky, expert on EB-5 financing!

About Andrew:

  • President of MCAP Holdings;
  • Graduated from Babson College;
  • Raised over $300 million to finance start ups & businesses;
  • Seasoned entrepreneur working closely with Daymond John from Shark Tank & Scott Case from Priceline;
  • Involved with the Boosted Boards startup! http://boostedboards.com/;
  • Loves to sail!
  • Creating finacial freedom for his family;

Nuts and Bolts:

What is EB-5 Financing?

  1. It is a U.S. government program that exchanges foreign investment, into projects that will create jobs, for immigration status to the U.S.;
  2. Each foreign investor must create 10 permanent jobs for a min. $500,000 investment into a particular project;
  3. Encourages investment in regions where there is higher unemployment;
  4. Two investment thresholds depending on the unemployment rate within the area the: $500k or $1mill.
  5. Projects that qualify must create long term jobs for the region where the project is located; anything from a new hotel development to owning a fast food restaurant;
  6. Every area in the U.S. is a candidate but qualifying for EB-5 financing really depends on the unemployment rate; the higher the unemployment rate the more suitable it is for EB-5 financing.
  7. EB-5 financing can act as either debt or equity;
  8. Returns on EB-5 debt are close to market rates; often it can be cheaper than markets, but the major advantage is that it is highly flexible money!

To get involved contact Andrew and his team to discuss whether EB-5 financing is right for you as an international investor, or as a borrower:

Email: andrew@mcapholdings.com
Ph: +1 (310) 402 4960

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Happy Investing!

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