RG 012 – From Engineer to Full Time Investor: How to Escape the Rat Race with Sepehr Bekam

Show Notes:

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from our conversation with Sepehr Bekam, or Sep for short! Successfully getting out of the rat race at the age of 31!

About Sep:

  • Principal at Dyson Investment Properties, LLC;
  • Based in Orange County, CA;
  • No formal real estate training;
  • Had a massive desire to leave his day job to feel more fulfilled;
  • Took him 4 years from buying his first property to developing enough passive income to replace his income;

Nuts and Bolts:

How Sep was able to build up enough passive income to finally leave his day job:

  1. Sep started out being laid off twice through out the recession, he was sick of waking up every morning and going to a job he didn’t like; Sep took action!
  2. He started educating himself on the power of passive income and real estate investing; picked up two books by Robert Kiyosaki, The Conspiracy of the Rich, & Rich Dad Poor Dad.
  3. Purchased his first two deals with conventional 25% down and a bank loan; two 4 unit buildings in Phoenix, AX.
  4. Ran out of money and couldn’t buy any more deals so Sep got creative and used seller carry back financing (SCB) on his third deal.
  5. First two deals: $125,000 each (purchase price), put $33,000 down on each.
    1. Basic Expenses (per month): Mortgage, taxes and insurance $550/month
    2. Monthly Rent Income (Gross): $1,800/month
    3. With some basic renovations rents have increased to approx. $2,400/month
    4. Each property Cashflows around $600-700 per property
  6. Sep invests Phoenix (AZ), San Antonia (TX), Richmond (VA).
  7. Had a few hiccups in the beginning, not employing the right property manager, high turn over, not screening tenants properly, tenants causing major damage to the property;
  8. Starting out the properties were in a Class C neighborhood, with Class D tenants, now the neighborhood is Class C+ with Class C tenants.
  9. Since quitting his day job Sep’s real estate business has sky rocketed as he now can focus 100% of his time on growing his business and getting deals done! Sep now owns 78 units, and 13 single family houses!

Contact Sep if you are interested to learn more about his journey:

Email: sepehrb1@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Click here

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Happy Investing!

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