RG 018 – Syndication Basics Part 2: How To Scale Your Real Estate Business with John Cohen

Show Notes:

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from our conversation with

John Cohen:

About John:

  • Founder of JC Property Group;
  • Has been investing in real estate since 2010;
  • Created a portfolio worth over $22 mill. in just two years:
  • Only began investing in multi family deals in 2014;

Something Unrelated to Real Estate Investing:

  • Baseball is John’s passion;
  • Massive Yankee fan;
  • Went to Dominican Republic to try and crack the pro’s;

Nuts and Bolts:

Syndication in action:

  1. Every business runs out of money as some point: To grow you need to use other people’s money (OPM) to scale your business;
  2. To build a company that is worth $100 mill. you need to use syndication to scale your business – that’s 2,000 x $50,000 SFH, or a handful of large multi family deals;
  3. Bigger deals = better systems which makes the use of your time more effective;
  4. You are not asking for money, you are offering an investment opportunity;
  5. Syndication means that you are spinning two wheels: 1) Finding deals & 2) finding Investors;
  6. Finding deals: broker relationships, cold calling, mailing campaigns;
  7. Finding investors: developing investor’s relationships, and networking hard!;
  8. 1st deal John got under contract he used direct mailers;

Top Investing Tips:

  1. Most successful habit? Finding someone to keep you accountable, and reviewing your goals on a weekly basis;
  2. Most influential tool in you RE business? Always be learning!;
  3. What’s the most exciting project right now? 80 unit deal in Charleston;
  4. Who is the most influential person in your career? Chris Erso & John’s Grandfather Sal;


Contact John if you are interested to learn more about John’s journey.

Email: johnc@jcpropertygroupinc.com

Ph: 516 268 3500 ext. 101


Ready, Aim, Fire!

Happy Investing!

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