Get Your Mindset Right Then Success Will Follow 

About Leisa:

  • Leisa is a presenter with Productive Learning, a boutique personal growth company
  • Leisa used to work in sales and executive leadership
  • Leisa trains over 100 groups a year.

Something unrelated to real estate;

Leisa was a gymnastics coach in college and likes being upside down!

Nuts and Bolts:

Leisa grew up learning about the mind and how to talk with people because her father was a hypnotherapist. Leisa attained a Bachelors and a Masters from college and stayed to teach at the university for a further two years, after this she became a client of Productive Learning.

Leisa teaches personal growth, which focuses on increasing your awareness, and the responsibility for yourself and your actions. This is no quick fix because on the journey of your life you constantly learn and grow. She teaches you to understand yourself enough that you can see the early warning signs of triggers and hang-ups. These are the things which keep us from our goals and are unique for each person, but once this fear of change has been broken down you will have confidence to say “I got this”.

There are three keys for turning your wishes into reality;

  • Vision: Vision is about where you see yourself and visualizing what you are doing there. Give this vision as much detail as possible and the stronger it will be.
  • Awareness: Awareness of self is about knowing what pulls you off track, what makes you scared and distracted or stops you in your tracks.
  • Understanding: Is looking at your beliefs about money, investing, success, failure, relationships or integrity; you need to understand the root of your wish.

Leisa identified the most common distraction for entrepreneurs is the desk set-up, Leisa calls this “organizing paperclips” when you spend most of your time doing non-income producing activities. Another thing to identify is your subconscious vs your conscious thinking, the goals from both sides of your mind need to be aligned otherwise you’ll be sabotaging yourself. However, it’s extremely tricky to become aware of things you’re not aware of in your subconscious, so the best way thing to do is talk to someone else. Seeing a coach or going to a workshop to uncover the things you can’t see about yourself can kick start your productivity and help reach your goals.

After listening to the podcast, make a decision about your life and sit down and write down the endings to these statements;

“i’m going to be….”

“My vision for my life is……”

Top tips

  • Most successful habit – Deciding to do something, just making that decision can be so powerful.
  • Most influential tool in your business? – Speaking about what she does.
  • Most influential person in your career? Her father who taught her that you can have fun even when speaking about something serious.


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