Mobile Home Park Investing with Bryce Robertson 

About Bryce Robinson:

  • Bryce is an Aussie expat in the US
  • His main RE business is in mobile home parks
  • He has owned 5 businesses in 5 different countries

Unrelated to Real Estate:

  • Bryce travelled the world for 6 years and met his wife towards the end of his travels.

Bryce set up his mobile home park business after realizing he needed to find a passive investment stream to keep earning money while he travelled. His wife has a background in finance and he has over 20 years experience in construction so real estate was the obvious choice for them.

The most basic understanding of mobile home park investment is that you rent land to people who own their own mobile home, as a setting for them to fix their dwelling. Mobile homes are different to trailers as they do not have wheels and are sealed down to the ground and approved by an inspector. It can cost the home owner up to $4000 to move their home and have it properly sealed into the plumbing and land.

Mobile home parks are classed differently to housing real estate; there is a star system instead of an A, B, C class. A park is rated depending on if the roads are dirt or paved, the size, infrastructure and if it’s privately or city owned. The rating goes from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. Bryce usually invests in 1.5-3 star parks where he can force the appreciation and make improvements.

In order to force the Net Operating Income (NOI) of a park Bryce will buy low occupancy parks and fill the lots by advertising or buying mobile homes to rent to tenants. He will also bill utilities back to the tenants, improve the plumbing, increase the rent and improve the roads. New mobile homes with the square footage of a small 2 bed apartment will cost approximately $13-15,000 however Bryce tries not to own any mobile homes because this will contribute to his maintenance costs. Once a park has been bought, filled and improved there are two investment models to follow; either you raise the CAP rate and sell on or you use the cash flow model and keep the park slowly ticking over.

Bryce recommends finding mobile home parks online through or, however he notes that the prices will be inflated to double what the park is worth so you will need to do some thorough searching. Alternatively you can find deals through a broker or cold calling.

Top Investing Tips:

  • Most successful habit – Setting his alarm for any major milestones throughout the day
  • Most influential tool in your RE business – His phone
  • Most exciting project right now – A park in Phoenix with 100 spaces at full occupancy.
  • Who is your most influential person –  Frank Rolf who is his mentor and a leader in the mobile home world.
  • Best US deal to date – A park in Kern Country California which he bought at 12 CAP.

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