Women in Real Estate; Investing Goddesses! with Monick Halm

About Monick Halm

  • Monick is the co founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses
  • She has 11 years experience with single, multi family and mobile home investing
  • She is an author, speaker, coach and attorney

Nuts & Bolts

When asked why she got into real estate, Monick says that she fell into real estate investing by mistake as she originally trained as an attorney. In 2005 when she was ready to buy a home she found everything at the peak of the bubble and prohibitively expensive so she joined forces with a friend and bought a duplex. They both lived in one flat and rented out the other one. This was her “light bulb moment” where she realized she could make money while someone else paid her mortgage.

In 2010 Monick and her husband sold their property and started flipping houses, which quickly became very expensive to do in LA. It wasn’t until she met Robert Helms from the Real Estate Guys that she knew where to go from here; he gave her the idea of getting a group of investors together and buying bigger investment properties. Robert taught Monick all about syndication and she started by passively investing in mobile home parks. She left her job as a lawyer in 2009 and after a brief stint as a life and career coach she has now become a full time real estate investor.

At a real estate seminar Monick realized that in a large room there were only approximately 9 women. At this time she had been working on building a brand and so she realized that her brand and network could be women in real estate. So Monick partnered with Denise Cooper and started the Real Estate Investing Goddesses. They both identified a problem in the area that women experience a lot of fear when dealing with investments and are scared to lose money. Real estate is quite a male dominated business, however this fear can be conquered through education which is what Monick and Denise aimed to do. The Goddesses welcome all women who are interested in investing in any asset class; however the majority of people come looking to get involved in residential real estate. Their aim is to empower women through education, mindset, sharing stories, webinars and going on retreats.

The Goddess group practices education for women looking to get into real estate through 3 ways; firstly Nuts and Bolts which is the technical side of investing, learning all the jargon and the figures. The second education side is Mindset where they help women feel more confident in the sector and the final practice is Pleasure. Pleasure is all about making women feel great about themselves because they are more powerful when in a receptive mode. The Goddess group has a podcast where they address these three practices each week on a Wednesday at noon Pacific Time.

Currently Monick is working on two investment properties; 77 unit and 55 unit multi-families in Albuquerque. Both are closing soon and Monick only has a small amount left to raise. The 77 unit is in a B class neighborhood and is a C class building that hasn’t been renovated since the 1970’s. The 55 unit property is in a C class neighborhood where the whole area is being renovated and major employers are moving in. The cash on cash average return over 5 years for the 77 unit is 10.8% and for the 55 unit is 11.8%. Monick and her husband raised 50%-60% the money for these projects through her investor group and the remaining capital was raised from family, friends and business acquaintances.

Top investing tips

  • Most successful habit – Monick meditates every morning for 20 mins. She also writes down each day the one thing she can do to make everything else unnecessary.
  • Who is your most influential person – Her partner in life and business, and the real estate guys.
  • The most influential tool in your RE business – Google docs and Dropbox

Contact – Facebook Real estate investor goddesses community website realestateinvestorgoddesses.com

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