RG 056 – Harness your inner cashflow ninja with MC Laubscher

About MC Laubscher

  • MC is formerly from South Africa.
  • He is a wealth strategist and educator.
  • MC is the founder and president of Valhalla Wealth Management

Nuts and Bolts

MC Laubscher is originally from South Africa, where he completed his MBA by correspondence. He
moved to the US playing rugby with his university and it was here that he read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and became interested in real estate investing. He worked in real estate doing a bit of everything from maintenance, flipping, leasing, marketing to brokering.  After making money form real estate he realised that the money needed to be looked after and managed and so MC started Valhalla Wealth Management. He aims to help people reclaim the banking function in their own financial life by structuring an efficient cash flow management system. This can be done by creating and building assets to bring in multiple streams of income.

Changing world of wealth management

MC explains that the world is changing and the idea of accumulating wealth through life and then drawing from the pool in retirement is becoming obsolete. People are now growing multiple streams of income and diversifying over asset classes, for example real estate, digital and online businesses. The only way now to guarantee financial security in old age is to diversity your portfolio because we can’t rely on job income anymore as so many jobs are becoming automated. The diversification should also take place in your business too, for example diversify into podcasts and affiliate marking etc. MC looked further into how the world’s richest people were managing their wealth and then aimed to repeat this but on a much smaller scale. He saw that many rich people were using a wealth capture system, which can leverage their money through wealth strategies into different assets. They were able to reclaim their banking on their own terms for example through family offices and then diversify their assets from a central place to warehouse their wealth.

Life insurance investment

Another way to reclaim the banking function in your own life is to use a life insurance product to hold your wealth and then pay yourself dividends. This is a good way to hold money and it has asset protection, it also means that the money is liquid immediately and will start to grow as soon as it is deposited. If you have your account with a mutual insurance company you become a shareholder and so you can pay yourself dividends. Mutual companies are not the same as normal insurance companies because they are not on the stock exchange. Any growth of your money inside the fund is tax free and the distribution of the money is tax free as well. One way to manage this is to set up two separate accounts, one holds the savings and the second borrows money from the first account and leverages it for real estate investment. This means that the money in the first account keeps growing and the second account is earning dividends so the money is working for you in two locations.

Overseas investors

As an overseas investor you can still use life insurance products but they have to be written in the name of a US citizen. For example you only need one American member of your corporation to create the fund and then it can be managed in the name of your company or syndication. Many large companies do this with Wal-Mart having 100’s of their employees signed up for funds. These companies invest their tier one capital, which is the safest investment. Borrowing money from the fund is done at market rates of about 4-5% but you can set the payback period and anything that is paid back becomes immediately available to invest again.

To get a free copy of MC’s favourite investment book “Becoming Your own Banker” just email info@cashflowninja.com

Top investing tips

  • Most successful habit – Journal in the morning and write down daily goals and make sure they’re aligned with his purpose.
  • Most influential person – Both parents who offered encouragement support and kept him grounded.
  • Most important tool – Smartphone so he can stay connected 24/7 wherever he is and Evernote.
  • Contact – info@cashflowninja.com

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