RG 066 – Personal branding for real estate with John Lee Dumas

About John

  • John is the host of podcast Entrepreneur On Fire.
  • John did a tour of Iraq and 4 years in the army.
  • John worked in real estate for 4 years before launching his podcast.

Nuts and Bolts

John Lee Dumas is the host of the successful Entrepreneur On Fire podcast which is a daily show
interviewing business entrepreneurs about how they made it in business. However, John wasn’t always a successful business owner and says he struggled for the first 32 years of life. After being in the army for 4 years and going a tour of Iraq John came home and went into corporate finance. When this didn’t work he also tried real estate which he did for 4 years before realizing he needed more and launching E on Fire. 1550 episodes later over 4 years he has amassed 2 million listeners a month and a 7 figure annual income. John has recently sold his two real estate investment properties and isn’t currently planning to invest further.

When John started his business he didn’t know his audiences pain points so he just created regular content and grew his listeners to a size where he could ask them their pain points. John recommends that you don’t try to solve every problem because some might be too specific or not worth the trouble. The way to know if your solution is successful is through people’s wallets and so you need to get people to vote with their money. John launched the idea of his podcasters group and asked people to sign up with $200 before he launched, he waited until 50 people had signed up before working on the community. He made the deal that if the community launched the fee would be $400 and so the early adopters were getting a good deal. This community is now Podcasters Paradise and has 3000 members.

John uses podcasting to reach his audience because it’s such a powerful platform. Podcasting can fit into a listeners space while they’re doing something else, unlike blogging or video, and they can concentrate on your message. This way you get listeners 100% attention for a longer period of time compared to a 3 minute YouTube video. John works on branding but doesn’t necessarily believe that everyone needs to focus on a personal brand. Creating a personal brand will only work for some people and there are countless other ways to get into entrepreneurship and remain unique. John reassures that if you don’t want to be a personal brand you don’t need to, all you have to do is provide and incredible service.

The most recent product to come out from E on Fire is the Freedom journal which John created when he realized that his audience was struggling to set and accomplish goals. His solution was the Freedom Journal that is a step-by-step guide to accomplishing your number 1 goal in 100 days. This was launching in January 2016 and because the 6th most funded campaign on Kickstarter. He’s since sold 17,000 journals and puts the success down to the power of writing down your goals. The next journal to launch will be the  Mastery Journal which aims to amplify the three greatest strengths; Productivity, Discipline and Focus, and aims to master these in 100 days.


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