RG 071 – Write a book in 7 hours with Nick Raithel

About Nick

  • Nick is the creator of The 7 Hour Book.
  • Nick originally worked in marketing.
  • Nick is team leader at Content Corps.

Nuts and Bolts

Nick works for Content Corps who help entrepreneurs and business owners write books and all this is done in only 7 hours of the clients time. Nick is originally from a marketing background where he did copy writing, he eventually moved into Facebook ads and then into books. It’s important to create content because we all have our own non-land personal real estate which are your experiences, background and insights that are unique to you. Whether your experience and insight is related to real estate or dentistry, it’s still specific to you. When you’re trying to establish a personal brand it’s important to demonstrate this unique knowledge and a good way to do this is through a book to show that you’re a key person of influence in the niche. Nick works with real estate investors, coaches, dentists and entrepreneurs or anyone that wants to demonstrate their personal experience. Although a book isn’t an instant payday it does make you visible to the right group and helps you gain success with new leads, listings or speaking opportunities.

When looking to write a book you first need an idea; this doesn’t need to be the best and most original thought you’ve ever had, you just need to get started. Nick recommends that you give yourself more credit and believe that what you have to say and your background is original and interesting. The most successful books take a niche and then weave their personal story into it. The process of writing a 7 hour book is all customized depending on the topic, but broadly it starts with a 20 minute phone call to work out what the client needs, the concept and the topic. Then the book is broken down into 7 x 1 hour calls on Skype and Nick handles everything else. This obviously takes him longer than 7 hours but the client only has to give up 7 hours of their time. The writer works on the story and the background so you don’t have to worry about supplying the personal story whole.
This is different to ghost writing for two reasons. Firstly the results, this is not a creative writing project designed to be beautiful and humorous, this is meant to deliver results for your business so there’s an emphasis on action. The second difference is how easy and streamlined the process is for the client. The outcome of the book is different for each client, some want to sell on Amazon and some want to give it away as a free ebook on the website. If a client goes down the selling route Nick has some advice for price points; don’t assume that you have to sell it for the normal $20, some people go high end with their book and sell for $100 depending on the market and how respected the client is within the market.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Mapping everything out in advance
  • Most influential person – Personal friends and business friends.
  • Most important tool – Egg timer
  • Most important mistake – Not thinking big enough or imagining everything thats possible for the business.

Contact – www.contentcorps.net

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