The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Social Media to Scale YOUR Real Estate Business with GRANT WISE

About Grant

  • Grant is the founder of the Real Estate Marketing University
  • Grant used to live on a ranch
  • Grant teaches people to effectively use Facebook adverts

Nuts and Bolts

Grant’s university started off as a training company and recently jumped into offering services as well recently. He teaches the real estate sector to use Facebook adverts to sell houses running along the line from inception of the idea to conversion. He started going this in 2014 and launched the Modern Agent Mastery course in 2015. While he was helping people he uncovered further problems in seeing that people didn’t know how to sell or close deals, they were badly organised and too busy building their business’ to have a balanced life. He wanted to help people get their lives back and he started by developing Witly which is marketing intelligence software. It’s the first of its kind and it does everything for the client; building landing pages, email strategies, thankyou pages etc. This is beneficial for the client has it was previously taking them 10 hours+ to create landing pages and now they can do it in a few clicks! This work recently turned into a lead generation business where you can generate leads and sell these to agents and it can all be done through Facebook.

Grant believes that entrepreneurs should be visible online because all businesses now are media businesses. If you aren’t generating names and phone numbers then it isn’t a business, it’s just a hobby, so you need to be out online marketing yourself and providing valuable content to encourage clients. In order to start the media side of your company first you need to recognise who you want to work with and who your target market is. Then you need to talk to your market, add value and this will generate followers. If you add value to the conversation, then people will want to follow you. By adding value you place yourself as a market authority and so then selling becomes easy. When you make a promise in your advertising you have to follow through and this will ensure that you advertising is taken seriously and keeps working. You also need to create a place for people to find you, for example Grant is on Facebook and can be found through his Facebook adverts. The process for marketing your company should be; advert, landing page, video, call and then close.

When creating a Facebook advert you need to be strategic with targeting, the Facebook media space is becoming crowded so planning is necessary. You can geo-target the houses you want to buy and acquire a probate list through Facebook. You can then target ads at the people on the probate list rather than sending a letter through their door. The people who follow you on Facebook have chosen to sign up and so in these people you have a group of dedicated listeners that will be willing to buy what’s on offer before it’s even finished. Use your story to attract people to you and to build a personal brand. Talk about yourself and your deals, you don’t need a lot of followers, just people who are truly dedicated. Don’t pitch at people because they can sense the rubbish, come from a place of value and people will respond to this.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Practicing gratitude
  • Most influential person – His step father
  • Most important tool – His attitude
  • Most important failure – His first 6 companies failed and he filed for bankruptcy at 23
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