RG 102 – Achieving Success: Would You Settle for Being Number 2? with David Osborn

About David

  • David owns the 6th largest brokerage firm in the US
  • He’s a co-founder o Gobundance
  • He lived abroad until he was 13

Nuts and bolts

David has over 25 years experience in family office investments, real estate and private equity. He founded the 6th largest residential real estate brokerage firm in the US and has sold over 35,000 properties making $9 billion in sales in 2016. He also owns over 20 real estate ventures and 25 non profit companies. He’s a co-founder of Gobundance and sits on the board of One Life Fully Lived. David grew up in Germany till he was 6 then moved to the UK until he was 13. He was never a fantastic student but was a hard worker and started a lawn mowing business in high school. His mother got into real estate when he was 14 and he joined her at 25 and sold real estate got 3 years. At 28 he went to Dallas with the real estate company in search of something new.

David is driven by the joy of change, he loves to embrace change and encourage it in others. The reason for this is because change, and superseding your limits, is so difficult. David advises that when investing or starting a company, chose a field that you really like because there are going to be days that you hate everything, no matter what, so find a subject where you can get your head down and work hard. When you’ve found this industry drill down deep and build a network of good people around you. The harder you work, the better you become and then you become more appealing to your peer network. David recommends that the best way to become an influencer in your industry is to be self-aware and practice self-management. This means knowing what you lack and organizing yourself to learn, so that people will see what you’ve achieved. Once you’re aware of something you can move to change it.

When David first started in the real estate business he served realtors whereas now he outsources this. Now he helps people invest in real estate and create investment funds, he also offers years of personal knowledge and information from the industry.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Journaling and writing goals
  • Most influential person – Gary Keller
  • Most important tool – The people he works with in his business
  • Most important failure – When he chose to work with the wrong people and moved too fast
  • Contact – davidosborn.com

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