RG 103 – GSD Mode: No Excuses When It Comes to your Success in 2018 with Joshua Smith

About Joshua

  • Joshua runs the number 1 real estate podcast
  • Joshua runs many different companies including health supplements and health clubs
  • Joshua is based in Arizona

Nuts and bolts

Joshua is a serial entrepreneur and realtor based in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s been voted the top 30th realtor in the US by the Wall Street Journal and he also owns several companies in other industries. He runs and owns the number 1 real estate podcast called “GSD Mode” and he mentors over 1000 students each year. Joshua earned his first dollar aged 8 doing flyering for his father’s health clubs and then working in-house from 11 years old. By the time he turned 14 he became interested in working out and got into personal training and membership sales. As a result, by the time he went to college he was earning a lot of money, however at university he lost his drive and changed his major several times. This lack of confidence turned into depression in his early twenties. He went searching for fulfilment but didn’t have any money so started working in health club sales in Arizona and started managing a health club.

After working in health club management for some time Joshua got into real estate to raise capital. He hit the gorund running, regained his hustle and make $280,000 in the first year and $1 million a year later. He acknowledges that he couldn’t have done this all himself, he got an assistant and a couple of agents. As his company grew he hired people that could replace everything he was doing, this way the company began to grow without his involvement. After he was names a top 30 realtor by The WSJ people started asking him for help and advice to get into the real estate field. He coached a few people but quickly realised he was repeating himself and became bored. He conquered this by doing group coaching, this is more affordable for people and gives him more capacity to reach more people.

Joshua bounced back from his lowest point when his back was against the wall, he advises that when you’re right at the bottom your only parachute is yourself. He has since created his own real estate software with over 1000 clients, he runs a coaching bootcamp and a software company. He’s also invested in smaller ancillary services and title companies and kept his hand in the health club business. He runs a supplement company that’s moving into digital products. One thing he keeps constant over each company is a sales funnel, he notes that every successful CEO knows their sales funnel intimately regardless of industry. He recommends that you identify your funnel, because each company has one, and then exchange customer contact details for what you offer and collect the details on your mailing list.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Completing his daily performance planner
  • Most influential person – Jim Rone who got him involved in the self development journey
  • Most important tool – CRM for the back end and Facebook for the front end
  • Most important failure – When he didn’t fully understand what success was about, being active but not productive
  • Contact – gsdmode.com

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