RG 107 – The Importance of Establishing Core Business Values When Build an Empire with Aaron Zapata

About Aaron

  • Aaron started his own business 5 years ago
  • He lives in Orange County
  • Aaron’s team recite the company values before each weekly team meeting

Nuts and Bolts

Aaron is a broker, business owner and entrepreneur. He lives in Orange County and has been in business for 20 years. The core value of his business is the journey of transformation. Aaron started his own company 5 years ago after working in the industry for 15 years. He decided to venture into the world of business ownership after he fell out of love with the corporate world. He started Zapata Realty on his own and after a while other people wanted to join so he changed the goals of the business to reflect the number of people they were helping and since then he’s experienced explosive growth.

His business supplies training for everyone in Realty, no matter what level. He’s currently doing a course for 5000 realtors and all of this is free. He also has a private Facebook group for extra value-add work. He provides help online for clients as well, he has a 16 point checklist on the website for preparing your house for sale, a free moving checklist, home buyer consultation and free seminars. Realtors have a bad reputation in the public eye, he never wanted to be “that” realtor guy so he’s tried to make a difference and always gone above and beyond to help solve problems.

Aaron explains that he puts money into different investments in preparation for a potential downturn. He has a brokerage income, teaching, mortgage title and escrow and talent acquisition. In the future he wants to have 2500 impact property offices with 125,000 agents. This vision comes down to maintaining the core values of the business which he gets all agents to recite at the beginning of weekly sales meetings.


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