RG 112 – The No BS Approach to Choosing the BEST Market for YOUR Investment Strategy with Brie Schmidt

About Brie

  • Brie is the c0-founder of the Mid-West Real Estate Networking Summit
  • Brie is the managing broker of Second City Real Estate
  • Brie started working when she was 14

Nuts and Bolts

Brie is the managing broker of Second City Real Estate which is a full service brokerage firm looking after new and old investors. She is also the co-founder of Mid-West Real Estate Networking Summit which is a non-profit educational event. Brie is also the President of the website Turn Key Reviews which is a one stop shop for passive investing. Brie made her first dollar in a Dairy Queen just outside Chicago where she was too young to work so her mother forged her birth certificate so that she could start at 14 years old doing 20 hours a week.

Brie started working in real estate at 17 years old when her parents got divorced and she chatted to the realtor who was selling their house. She worked for that realtor once a week as an unlicensed assistant until she could take the realtor exams. At 21 she quit her full time job and went into real estate full time, but after waiting for 4 years she realized she completely hated it. She lasted 9 months as a realtor and then she quit. She was too young and people didn’t trust her, being a realtor is all about trust and making a connection with a client which she missed. She went into corporate advertising for a decade but kept her license active. In 2011 Brie did her first purchase of an investment property and really enjoyed being a landlord.

Brie’s father died a day before he was due to retire and this was such a shock that it completely changed her mindset. She began working to build a passive income but never planned to completely quit her full time job – the original plan was to build the passive income on the side. While trying to take a once-in-a-lifetime holiday her boss at work told her she couldn’t get the leave and Brie had a thought that “this has to change.” She started to grow her portfolio more aggressively and left that job 6 months later. She was growing her portfolio in Chicago originally but the market wasn’t good for cashflow to she moved the business to Milwaukee which is a cashflow market. Her capital input is the same for both markets and the big money comes from selling assets in Chicago but the monthly income is from Milwaukee. In 2014 Brie was visiting Milwaukee every week putting the systems in place but now she only goes once a quarter.

Contact – www.midwestresummit.com

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