RG 122 – Amplify YOUR Brand to Become a KPI – Key Person of Influence with Ronsley Vaz

About Ronsley

  • Ronsley was born in Bahrain
  • Ronsley is the founder of Amplify
  • He is also the host of Bon Apetit podcast

Nuts and Bolts

Ronsley is a speaker, author, marketer and entrepreneur. He is also the author of Amplify: How to raise your voice, boost your brand and grow your business. He also runs a podcast called Bond Appetit which is Australia’s number 1 food podcast. Ronsley is the founder of content marketing agency Amplify which has grown from 0 to 12 staff in 10 months. He also has an MBA in leadership and a masters in software engineering and a diploma in financial services. Before he was successful Ronsley had many jobs including DJ, software engineer, financial advisor and restauranteur. Ronsley was born in Bahrain and his mother is Portuguese and his father is Indian and he was brought up in India. He trained to be an engineer in India but didn’t enjoy life so moved to Melbourne Australia where he’s been for 18 years. When he arrived he only had $400 in his pocket and worked immediately as a pizza delivery person.

He started his own restaurant and worked as the cook and he hired a head chef to train him. This was his first business and it failed in 2013. Shortly after this he was bought a ticket to a the marketing conference Key Person of Influence and that was life changing. At this conference he changed the way he thought about business; all businesses are media businesses first and foremost before the thing they offer. This means that each company should start with a website to market themselves, but this website needs to be found. Ronsley started his next journey by going into food and founding Bond Apetit which was an Uber for food and he started a podcast to promote his business. The podcast was popular and people got in touch asking for advice and help and Amplify was borne out of that.

Ronsley had no money when he started Bond Apetit and used his overdraft to buy the podcasting kit, but then he hit a million listens in the first 6 months and was featured on iTunes. After this he sold 8 courses on how to use a podcast for your business and made $32,000 even though the course was still an outline. He spent nothing on marketing or branding and offering his first 10 clients 50% off the course to be beta clients. After they had beta tested the course he got more clients, wrote a book and won awards. He was publishing 3 episodes a week and learning as he went.

When starting a podcast for your business first identify your audience, then look at why you’re different to other podcasts and how you can partner with other people. Build your brand on who your audience is, then create the product and use the audio to amplify it. The Amplify process requires the owner of the business to spend 10% of their time recording audio and then his machine does the rest. 90% of all podcasts in the world have 7 episodes or less, so make sure you have content planned before you begin.

Top Tips

  • Most important habit to keep on track to goals – Wake up at 4.30am
  • Most influential person – Batman as he’s doing what’s needed irrespective of how hard
  • Most important tool – iPad
  • Most important failure – The restaurant


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