RG 124 – Unleash your Inner Entrepreneurial beast with Jake Woodard

About Jake

  • Jake is a transformational coach
  • Jake used to be an alcoholic
  • Jake has a podcast ‘Awake with Jake’

Nuts and Bolts

Jake Woodard is a transformational mentor, speaker and author. James guides people to gain clarity and confidence to release their inner badass. His own struggles in life have made him passionate to help other people. Jake made his first dollar throwing hay as a 9 year old growing up in the countryside. He learnt about hard  work and about himself while doing this. He grew up with a lot of energy and with a slight addiction to Twinkies which led him to be overweight and bullied. After his sister overdosed on heroin and he found her on the bathroom floor he aimed to overcome his vices and get his life on track. He overcame alcoholism, obesity and bad relationships with family and got into personal development. This meant taking responsibility for his life rather than positioning himself as the victim.

Jake teaches people about a mindset change, this involves getting real with yourself and looking inward to hold yourself accountable, Jake recommends that this is sometimes easier with a mentor. The feat that holds you back – the fear of failure and rejection – needs to be identified. Once you are conscious of the fear then you can chip away and weaken it. Pain is the catalyst for change and so being uncomfortable will encourage you to grow. If you stay comfortable then you’ll never grow as a person. For example if you don’t like networking then you have to get out there are start doing it. Challenge yourself and change your story. Jake advises that one should always have a beginners mind because this will help you to keep an empty mind to absorb new information.

Jake’s advice when doing something difficult is to repeat ‘this is simple this is easy this is fun’ to yourself. This will act like a neurological hack and things won’t seem so bad, he also recommends that meditation is the best gift you can give yourself.

Top Tips

  • Most important habit to keep on track to goals – Being more present
  • Most influential person – Himself
  • Most important tool – His energy

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