RG 150 – Becoming a Key Person of Influence in 2019 with Mike Reid

Mike is the co-director of Australian based company Key Person of Influence. KPI is a personal brand accelerator for leaders of 6-7 figure revenue service businesses for example lawyers, accountants etc, for people who are good at what they do but don’t understand personal sales and marketing. Mike met his co-founders 7 years ago when they were launching the business and he joined them and learned to run their campaigns. He reaches out to small business to get them involved as channel partners for KPI events.

The business started when his business partners had been running an events marketing business for several years across Aus and the UK and were promoting authors, speakers and influencers. He job of the author or speaker was to fill the room and sell products from the stage like options trading or real estate investing. The two founders were very good at filling the rooms and had people coming to them and asking to be promoted so they decided to create a qualification criteria for promotion; they needed a strong message, a book or product, a good SEO and to bring some sponsorship or partnership. These two founders had such a good idea about what makes a person an influencer that they decided to help people to through the process of developing the criteria mentioned above. Now KPI operates in 5 cities globally and has had over 3000 people go through the course.

When they sell the course they’re keen to be clear that they’re selling a service rather than themselves. They hire the best people in each area to do the teaching for example, pitching, mentoring, product development. Building credibility is important in this niche and this starts with having the right experience and value as you need to have something to offer. KPI focus on 5 key areas to help people establish a strong position and brand in the market, these are; Pitch, Publish, Productising, Profile and Partnerships.

At the moment Mike is taking a sabbatical and currently lives in Toronto where he will set up the next hub of KPI. He’s recently been inspired by a book AntiFragile where the author ran a hedge fund pre 2008 and bet on the financial crash happening as he purports that these crashes are more common than we think. Mike used the idea of markets from this book to analyse his own financial health and whether it was fragile or antifragile. This has impacted his real estate investing strategy making him more conservative and made him diversify his portfolio and build in backdoors and safety nets.

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