RG 165 – Investing in Retail as the U.S. Economy Shifts with Adam Carswell

Nuts and bolts

Adam is a real estate entrepreneur specialising in shopping centres and commercial syndications. Adam is the Director of Concordia Realty Corporation and a business development manager at Asym Capital. He also has a podcast called Dreamcatchers. Adam made his first dollar working door to door sales for a lawn weeding service while he was in the 8th grade. 

While Adam was in college he wanted to be a basketball coach but it’s not something you can specifically study so he went into broadcast journalism for his degree. After college he went to Belise playing basketball and to do his masters, by the time he was 23 he had become head coach. Although this was his dream job it unfortunately didn’t pay much and he needed to start paying off his student loan so he hung up his jersey and moved back to the US. This journey taught him that he loved leadership and he was good and instructing people, especially coaching young people.

After this he went to work at Sherwin Williams selling paint but he hit a ceiling and when he realised that the job and retirement package wasn’t enough for life. At this point he moved on and got into real estate.

Top tips 

  • Most important habit – Journaling
  • Most influential person – His dad and Hunter Thompson
  • Most important tool – Linkedin
  • Contact – adam@carswell.io

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