RG 173 – The High Return Real Estate Radio Show with Jack Gibson & Jeff Schechter

Jack and Jeff are the owners of High Return Real Estate. Jack began his entrepreneurial journey at 19 by founding and operating a nutritional distribution company and had earned many millions before he was at an age to rent a car. He bought his first home as an investment property and then 1 became 5 and then 50 for passive income. Jeff started his first business out of university and is now a serial entrepreneur. He got into real estate in the 80’s and rehabbed 5 of his own residences. Jeff made his first dollar as a child working for his father who was a Rabi, when he was 16 and Isreal the cantor of the synagogue died and he was asked to step in. He sang for a team and made great money. Jack made his first dollar selling fruit at the side of the road.

Jack got into real estate when his house wasn’t big enough for his growing family so he tried to sell but it was 2008 and the real estate crash so he rented the property. He realised that this was easy money and so when he lost trust in stocks and shares he went full time into real estate. Jeff started real estate rehabbing as a hobby when he lived in San Antonio and this became a proper business up until 2008 when he was financially devastated from the crash. He then got into digital marketing and ended up teaching classes. Jack was his student and got him into a turnkey business.

Jack and Jeff’s current business involves them buying a property that’s been through all the processes to be a performing asset, for example inpection, property management, a prospective tenant etc. They then find investors to buy this property for passive investment. When they first got into the business they were going sales and marketing, but then the acquisitions person went bankrupt so they had to pick up that side of the business as well which left them with a lot of lessons to learn.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Jack says yoga, Jeff says his daily workout
  • Most influential person – Jack says Ben Franklin and Jeff says his parents.
  • highreturnrealestate.com 

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