RG 174 – The International Perspective: From Israel to US Multifamily Investing with Joseph Gozlan

Joseph is a multifamily investment specialist at Eureka business group. He has been leading group acquisitions of over $30million in real estate and asset management services, he manages a portfolio of over 550 assets. Joseph is a former lieutenant in the Israeli defence forces. Joseph also has 17 years of leadership experience in the software industry and 12 years in publicly traded companies. Joseph made his first dollar at 13 when he had to support his family so he got a job at the toilet paper factory loading and unloading and doing odd jobs.


When he moved to the US it wasn’t much of a culture shock because Israel is ingrained with US culture, so the music and movies were all the same. He relocated with a branch of an Israeli company so he had a link to home as well. The Israeli real estate market is similar to LA or NYC in that it’s an urban core with 4+ story apartment living. Everything has individual ownership and a single family home really isn’t a thing because its so expensive. When Joseph moved to Texas there was a lower cost of living and lower real estate costs so he could get involved in RE.

Top tips

Most important habit – A daily report for all properties – keep eye on the ball

Most influential person – friends and mentors 

Most important tool – Trello


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