RG 175 – The Entrepreneur Revolution: Creating a Global Empire with Daniel Priestley

Daniel is the best selling author of the book Key Person of Influence and the founder of the business accelerator programme Dent Global. Key Person of Influence (KPI) is a personal brand accelerator for leaders of 6-7 figure revenue service businesses for example lawyers, accountants etc, for people who are good at what they do but don’t understand personal sales and marketing. Daniel also raises money for charity. His first entrepreneurial experience as a child was after a house fire when he was 10, he did a garage sale with the neighbours to raise money. When he was at college he worked at McDonalds and ran under 18 dance parties were kids came at $10 per head and then all expenses were covered by sponsors.

After school Daniel enrolled in uni but realised it wasn’t for him, he wanted to do business rather than learning about it from a professor who hadn’t even started their own business. He left and was taken under the wing of a 37 year old man who was an entrepreneur starting a new venture; Daniel was the third employee. He started when he was 18 and by 21 they’d grown to 60 employees and built a full revenue stream. While he was employed he did everything from stuffing envelopes to writing copy or printing and driving. He wasn’t offered shares in the business and when he asked he was told to go and start his own business. He was 21 and that’s exactly what he did.

In his first business he went from 0 to a million in his first year and by the time he was 25 it was a $25 million company with 20 employees. He moved to the UK in 2006 and set up Triumphant Events which did events marketing focussed on entrepreneurship, he would hire people to speak for approx £10,000 and over time he built a $4mil a year business. When the recession hit everything dried up so he decided to write a book and at the end of 2009 he launched it at a conference. He realised that everyone was excited about what he was writing, even though it was a recession.

Top tips

Most important habit – Sales

Most important tool – Slack

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