RG 182 – Building Business Credit is Easier & Sexier Than YOU Think w/ Stephen Wible

Stephen is a marine corps veteran with a background in real estate investing, sales, flipping, property management, print manufacture and obtaining business credit. Stephen has founded and led many successful companies and at one time he had 300 rental units in his portfolio. He is the director of business and development for Credit Suite Inc, where he teaches business owners how to build business credit that isn’t tied to a social security number. Stephen made his first dollar as a kid in New Jersey carrying groceries for neighbors and shoveling snow.

Stephen’s father was in the printing business which he’d set up in the basement of the family home. He learned to typeset and use cameras as a young teen and would work with his father, this is where he inherited his work ethic. When he was out of school he had an argument with his dad at work and so he went and joined the marines, when doing this he learned lots but especially that he couldn’t work for $300 a week. When he returned home his father had replaced him so there wasn’t a job to come back to.

Stephen instead hit the road to sell the business and even though he’d never sold anything in his life he managed to double the business in the first year. This was a double edged sword because he actually sold more than the company could produce and this put his father out of business. He then went out on his own and made a business that he sold.

At this time Stephen’s brother was doing rental real estate and so Stephen suggested they go in together and scale up the business. In their first deal together they took on 27 properties so he because a real estate agent and became top 5 in the first year. They marketed their business at unemployed people who might be looking to sell their home so they ran ads during Judge Judy on the tv. They ended up having to hire temps when these ads went out because the phones would go mad. Stephen hit some trouble when the government pulled up the Fair Market Rent which took all his rental properties from $800 per month to $400 per month. He was already borrowing against his home to pay for these properties and now he couldn’t afford them and lost everything.

He moved to Florida and got his real estate license but really hated real estate at this point. In Florida before a hurricane hits they stop issuing insurance so he couldn’t close on any deals in hurricane season. At this time he went onto Craigslist and saw a sales job at Credit Suite and applied. He worked in Sales and did well but when chatting to the CEO he mentioned that he wanted to be the face of the company. He’d used Credit Suite in the past and so he believed in the product and their ethos.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Write everything down
  • Most influential person – His dad
  • Most important tool – Zoom
  • Contact – credit suite.com

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