RG 185 – Real Estate Syndication Basics: Broker Dealer vs Co-GP w/ Jeff Love

Jeff is an attorney and parter at Gibbs Gidon law firm in LA. His area of the law is in real estate transactions including drafting and negotiating purchase, sales agreements, syndications and  finance transactions for commercial and residential properties. Jeff has experience in drafting, negotiating and reviewing real estate loan documents, including originations, modifications, note purchase agreements and other forms of financial transactions. Jeff is also a licensed broker in California. He made his first dollar selling pencils on the street outside his parents house on the sidewalk. Even before uni Jeff was interested in real estate and worked for a real estate company while he was at college.

Jeff advises that when you’re selling a security remember that all public money is securities. If you’re giving a sponsor money and you’re taking passive role then the sponsor is selling a security to you. But if you’re both taking an active role in the investment then you’re selling a partnership and no single sponsor is selling a security to someone else.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Organisation
  • Most influential person – Law firm partners
  • Most important tool – the internet
  • Contact – gibbsgiden.com jlove@gibbsgiden.com

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