RG 186 – The Pros and Cons of Off Shore Tax Havens For Asset Protection w/ Brian Bradley

Brian is a leading educator and asset protection attorney for high risk business professionals, entrepreneurs and real estate investors. His firm adds value for clients and educate them on what they don’t realise they don’t know. Brian acts as an advisor and sets up systems with strategic teams to protect assets and manage wealth. The goals is lifestyle preservation and peace of mind through better tax planning. Brian made his first dollar as a child shovelling snow. Brian went to law school and came out in 2008 when the economy crashed and there was a hiring freeze in the area of law he wanted to work so he moved into civil law.

Brian sets up systems for his customers that follow the acronym ECCM, which stands for effectiveness, control, cost and maintenance. These are the 4 things that should be important for anyone looking to set up an asset protection system. An LLC is a good place to start for basic level protection and it’s low cost to set up. However the protection is limiteds you start to grow so you’ll have to add more LLC’s to your portfolio. When you get to $1.5 – 2 million net worth you’ll have outgrown the LLC set up. When you hit $3.5 million you’ll need more protection and will need to call someone like Brian. Exemption planning is a lawful and protected right, it differs by state so talk to your lawyers. A good example is the Florida homestead exemption where the home is safe from creditors regardless of value so long as it’s contained within 0.25 of an acre. These plans are all tax neutral.

If you’re an overseas investor there’s a special trust but a US citizen can use a Grantor trust so you’ll need to work out if you’re a US tax payer. Also look out for death taxes as these can go up to 60%in some cases especially if your assets are in your name.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – His morning routine
  • Most influential person – A good network of men around him
  • Most important tool – His phone
  • Contact – btvlegal.com

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