RG 187 – From Immigrant to 8-Figure Real Estate Business w/ Michelle Bosch

Michelle is the co founder and CFO of Alvert Investments which has been investing since 2002. She has bought and sold over 4000 real estate investments and has built the third largest land investment and option company in the US. Michelle is the co-creator of the Land Profit Generator programme and is originally from Honduras but came to the US in 1995. Her father passed away when she was young and she grew up with a single mum, before he died he invested in a piece of commercial real estate in Honduras and Michelle still owns and makes money from this investment.

Michelle’s first job was at university where she worked as a receptionist and this was her first experience of exchanging hours for dollars. After college she got married and her and her husband both worked in corporate America where they did a lot of travel but it wasn’t as fun as they thought but it did earn them both green cards. At this time Michelle decided to look into real estate and tried to flip a house but it’sreally hard a non-US national. Then she stumbled into land auctions and had an ‘ah ha’ moment that this wasn’t the way to go because it was too competitive. Instead she decided to go into direct mailing for delinquent land and got loads of respones. For every 750-1000 pieces of mail she’s get a deal. Land is more simple and predicable than flipping houses but it’s still not completely easy.

Michelle buys land for 5-25 cents on the dollar and then sells for 50-60% of market value. She sells wholesaling like you would with a property but there are no headaches like tenants or plumbing etc. Or she goes down the route of seller financing where you become the bank and somebody buys from you with a downpayment that covers the initial investment. They then make payments to you regularly over the following years. Her average flip will make $10-30,000 which is higher than houses and without the hassle. The thing is, the area needs to be right and have the right local market. For example Michelle will investigate residential crime rates.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – goal setting and self care
  • Most influential person – The ladies in her mastermind group
  • Most important tool – His software
  • Contact – landprofitgenerator.com

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