RG 188 – Tackling the Housing Crisis & Affordability One Investment at a Time w/ Evan Holladay

Evan is a real estate investor and developer who’s been involved with the acquisition and development of over $225 million worth of US multifamily assets. Evan HolladayEvan is passionate about giving US working families a quality place to live so he develops affordable housing. Evan also hosts a popular podcast called Monumental. Evan made his first dollar selling candy at the top of his street to anyone walking past.

Evan’s parents are his greatest inspiration and built a foundation of support for him to develop. His mother was an entrepreneur and gave back to society in the form of non-profit organisations. After a soccer injury stopped his dreams of becoming a sports star he decided to go to uni and become a doctor. After a year at college he decided that medicine wasn’t for him. On campus they were doing a $55 million development and he wanted to be a part of that so he found the owner and start a conversation. The owner challenged him to bring people to the development ground breaking ceremony and Evan turned up with a few hundred people, so the developer took him under his wing. In this position Evan learned everything about property development and management.

After a while, and still at college studying economics, he decided to go out on his own and created a modular development company which he pitched to venture capitalists. He then went into multifamily and partnered with LBG Development and worked with them for 6 years and learned all about affordable housing as well.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Meditation
  • Most important person – His mum
  • Most important tool – The power of a powerful conversation
  • Contact – @evanholladay
  • evanholladay.com

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