RG 189 – Key Principles Of Raising Capital In Order To Fund More Deals w/ Hunter Thompson

Hunter is the founder of Asym Capital and he controls over $75 million in real estate assets. Hunter works to connect accredited hunter thompson investors with successful operators in commercial real estate, especially in self storage, mobile home parks and multi family properties. Hunter is the host of the Cash Flow Connects; a new podcast and he also has a book coming out called ‘Capital for Real Estate: How to Attract Investors, Establish Credibility and Fund Deals’.

Hunter’s story starts in 2008 when he was in college and interested in financial markets. He was protected from the crash and saw an opportunity so he jumped into financial assets and invested in the stock market. He studied people like Buffet and had great success until 2010 with the EU debt crisis which had an impact on the US markets. He realised that the stock market was an area where things could affect him that he had no control over so he went to find new investments that weren’t connected with the overall economy. He found real estate and syndication in the commercial sector. He moved himself out of stocks and also helped friends and family make the same move.

As he did this he grew trust and credibility which was important because so many people invest from afar. So now people need to know about their syndicate partners from the internet and podcasts to grow that trust. Over the first 5-7 years he grew organically and raised about $30 million from 300 accredited investors, not from 1 or 2 companies that own your soul, and this way if you lose one it doesn’t collapse your business. Hunter started investing in mobile homes in 2011 and by 2013 it was flying. He decided to scale the business around this asset class and did a presentation and handed out his card at the end. He asked people to write down the number you’re interested in investing with a $25K minimum and he got absolutely nothing. This helped him realise that he needed to attract leads rather than chasing them so he changed the way he worked to attract and future and establish credibility. This made the biggest difference.

Contact – raisingcapitalforrealestate.com

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