RG 190 – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain 101: Disruption, Recessions & Investor Hype w/ Dennis Lewis

Dennis is a digital storyteller and blockchain marketing specialist in the EU and the US. He successfully started and exited multiple start-ups and prides himself on making complex projects easy to understand. He believes that the key to a successful marketing campaign are the words on the page. Hunter made his first dollar by mowing his grandparents lawn.

Dennis started his entrepreneurial journey at high school when a local company was selling computers in the time before Microsoft dos and he went to the shop and said he could make them work. They offered him a free computer if he could build an accounting programme which he did and he took the computer to college. When he graduated he went to work for IBM for a while and then decided to start something for himself. After a couple of failures and a couple of successes he was contacted by a friend who was running a blockchain company who asked him to come and market their ICO. He didn’t know blockchain but he knew marketing and since then he’s raised about $50million.

There’s nothing intrinsic about money, it’s only worth something because of our belief in it. Once Dennis realised this he saw that crypto currency makes sense because it’s money created by a computer. The underlying technology means that cryptocurrency is decentralised so there’s no single central server to record the transactions. Anything that’s been recorded on the blockchain can’t be changed or hacked so there’s no need for a bank.

There are also other uses for a blockchain, for example other companies use the tech to raise money for physical companies to scale. In 2017 more money was raised in blockchain than in venture capital. Today the total market cap of crypto digital assets is just over $229 billion and lots of it is liquid. There’s lots of currency with not many places to spend it so a lesson for an entrepreneur is to work out how to accept payment in cryptocurrency. It can also solve real world problems, for example blockchain for democracy where no vote can be changed or manipulated or to record ownership of products.

Top tips

  • Habit – Going over lists of objectives
  • Person – grandmother and grandfather
  • Tool – Email system Drip
  • Contact – cryptopreneurs.club

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