RG 192 – Rocket Dollar: The New Way to Invest in Real Estate Using Your IRA w/ Dan Kryzanowski

Dan is a real estate investor and fundraiser specialising in self storage investments, multifamily and hard money residential property loans. Dan has raised million from family offices and individuals. Dan is the executive vice president at Rocket Dollar which works to unlock the ten trillion dollar pool of retirement assets for the real estate community. He is also the capital parter at Pinnacle storage properties and corporate board president for Hugh Brian Youth in central Texas. Dan made his first dollar though the ‘Mud Water’ brand and product, selling muddy water door to door when he was 10 years old and kind neighbours gave him a dollar or two.

Dan was born in 1978 and finished college in 2000 at the end of th gen X curve. He grew up in PA, his family worked in healthcare and education and he had a great community upbringing. This involved lots of small projects growing up; car washes, youth projects etc. He went to college and studied real estate in the same class as Trump Jr. In his early career he did airport real estate in cargo ports. In the last decade his wife and he chose to be in Austin Texas and this was before the boom. He met a guy at a wedding in Austin who flipped houses and he taught him that he could use retirement dollars to invest in real estate. This was his lightbulb moment.

Dan values education and sharing opportunities with real estate, so he partnered with someone to build Rocket Dollar. On a plane to Money 2020 he met someone and said you should check out these self storage deals and you can use your retirement funds. He explained the process to use these funds (it’s a very long and manual process) and this new man was already planning systems in his head. When they got off the place they met up again to see how they could make this process easy for the average American.

Top tips

  • Habit – meditation and being grateful
  • Person – grandparents
  • Tool – Slack
  • Failure- not trusting his gut



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