RG 193 – From Helping Launch Uber & Peerspace to Real Estate Empire w/ Umair Kabani

Umair created a 6 figure business from his college room dorm and has since gone on to have direct influence on the Uber launch in LA and Peer Space. He has since turned his real estate side hustle into a full time job and now helps others to learn about real estate. Umar has 10 years experience in brokerage, financing, apartment syndication and property management. Umar has launched a real estate summit a year ago because he wanted to connect top influencers and people who are looking to start. When he was 23 he got a brokers license and got into eh industry but flamed out because he didn’t have the tools or mentors. So this summit was created for his 23 year old self. Umar made his first ever dollar as a child selling candy door to door.

After college he got his brokers license in real estate and got into the financing side but ultimately failed. At the sometime he was building software with a friend doing recruiting software to plug into LinkedIn. His friend was launching Uber in LA at the same time and noticed this recruitment product and asked Umair to help him recruit black car drivers. Since then he’s become part of the team that helped Uber scale their onboarding and learning about scaling systems. At Uber he’d create playbook of standard operating procedures for each acquisition effort. He build the acquisition process into the app and automated the process so that anyone in the city could use it. Uber wasn’t really a big deal back then so he had to pitch to drivers and explain the app so referrals were really important.

Peer Space is the Air BnB for creative spaces, for example offices and entertainment venues. Umar recommends with these ideas that you need to find the supplier that already exists; target the people advertising on Yelp etc and then get these leads to scale worldwide. The most important thing to do first is to get the supply and then you can go online, and be transparent on the website. Only once this is done can you start to raise money for advertising and marketing to get the eyeballs on the website. Failures are important for teaching lessons as you need to keep learning and growing. A tip for people who are still learning is to read books and get a mentor.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Meditation and then writing goals
  • Most important tool – Notion – task management tool
  • Most influential person – brother
  • Most important failure – Created a start up and sold at a discount

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