RG 197 – Overcoming The Imposter-Monster in Order To Reach Your Fullest Potential with Justin Stoddart

Justin is the founder of Think Big Real Estate and Podcast which is focused on helping agents think bigger. Justin is intent on helping to reshape the value proposition of the real estate industry for the consumer, and helping real estate agents to have stronger businesses and better lives. In the past decade Justin has started and run several small businesses and become a thought leader in marketing, branding and business strategy. Justin made his first dollar in a lawn chair business going home chores for other people.

Justin had businesses as he went through school, for example washing windows. He then went to work for a home builder, a general contractor, and he realised that his passion was land development. He rose through the company but when the business hit a bump the general contractor sold the custom home business to Justin and he worked in this till 209. The businesses had transition from high end custom homes to kitchen/bathroom model and there wasn’t much left in the business. His real passion was building business rather than building homes and keeping the businesses growing so that he didn’t outgrow it. He realised he wanted to have a job where working on his business was helping others to work on theirs.

Justin had a friend in the real estate space who transitioned into escrow and titles and he offered Justin a job. The role didn’t have much value when he started but he realised that the real estate investors needed advice from someone who had run their own business and to focus on strategy work. He built that role up in the last 5 years into a thought leader role, not just another vendor but something more. He also built a speaking and teaching platform at the same time.

Justin does a lot of live videos were he talks about what he loves. For a business to be successful you need to deliver on promises and consistency. Being a leader of the businesses needs someone to take it as part of their personal brand but try not to be fake and alienate your audience. If you’re not sure what to talk about on video then record 100 videos first, these are for an audience. As you talk you’ll realise what gets you fired up and then when you’re passionate about something you won’t suffer from burnout.

Top tips

Most important habit – Write 1 year goals every day and he writes why he wants them

Most influential person – His wife

Most important tool – microphone and camera

Most important failure – Lack of focus

Contact – thinkbigger.realestate

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