RG 199 – Rock the Recession: How To Maximize & Disrupt The Next Recession w/ Jonathan Slain

Jonathan is the founder and CEO of recession.com. He is an author, keynote speaker and expert on recessions and why business ones don’t need to fear them. He has a background in investment banking and M&A and saw first hand that successful businesses hit plateaus. He works with founders and CEOs and management teams to help them activate their visions of success. He made his first dollar giving computer lessons to old people.

Jonathan got his degree from the University go North Carolina in Political Science although that’s got nothing to do with what he currently does, and then he got into investment banking. He worked 80-100 hours a week for years. His brother in law invited him to come and help with a fitness franchise opportunity in Denver and on the flight home he offered to leave the bank and go to work with him. Since then he’s worked with gyms for 10 years.

Top Tips

Most important habit – Eat the frog

Most influential person – co-author Paul

Most important tool – teleprompter

Failure – borrowing $250,000 from mother in law for fitness business – 20K at a time


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