RG 203 – Buy & Flipping Businesses Like a BOSS w/ Chad Peterson

Chad is an expert business broker and founder of Peterson Acquisitions. chad peterThis is an award winning M&A firm that handles transactions in the $1-$25 million range with companies in the US. It was recently named by one publication as the number one ranked business brokerage firm in the US. Chad has recently written a book “From blue to white; a working man’s guide to self employment”. Chad made his first dollar picking up dog poo in his local area in Kansas City as a kid. His mother used to pay him to get good grades because he had no interest in school – he was always made to be an entrepreneur.

Over his career Chad has built businesses and then sold them. He then became a commercial pilot just before 9/11 which ended that career. He went back to building and seeing companies until someone said you should help other peopled this. He started as an unpaid consultant and then decided to go professional/





Recent Award:


How to Sell Your Company (Free eBook offer)


Top tips

  • Most important habit – phone calls, not hiding behind computer screen
  • Most influential person – Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill
  • Most important tool – CRM system
  • petersonacquisitions.com

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