RG 204 – The Benefits of GOLD & SILVER During Recession Quantitative Easing w/ Minesh Bhindi

Minesh started his career at 16 helping his father sell real estateminesh bhindi and over the years he’s also helped many investors buy over $20 million pounds worth of property. Minesh is a public speaker and teacher in how to buy real estate, gold and silver, stocks and income generating assets. Minesh has clients in 46 countries who have a 92% success rate with his programme which focusses on long term investing and cash flow with simple strategies. Minesh made his first pound selling sim cards in school. His father was a positive influence who’d always been involved in real estate. When Minesh was 15 he was watching his father negotiating on a deal and he got involved.

When he was 16 he went to buy 16 units in a 200 unit block, he did it all over the phone so that he was taken seriously. Minesh isn’t buying in the UK at the moment because of Brexit uncertainty, he likes to only buy in the US because he uses REITs to generate cashflow. Minesh learned some important lessons early on in his investing career, when after his 3rd deal he got £68K cutback upon completion and then spent the following weekend in Monaco splashing the cash. When he got home his mentor taught him to save money – this was important because when the 2008 crash happened he had a cash buffer stored up.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – fasting
  • Most influential person – mentors for goals rather than for life
  • Most important tool – iphone
  • Most important failure – lost $100,000 in 3 days

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