RG 205 – Living a True Freedom Lifestyle – LIVE Episode w/ Bryce Robertson

This episode was recorded live at the Intelligent Investor Real Estate conference in LA. Bryce is the coauthor of the book ‘10,000 miles to the American Dream’. Bryce was on the podcast 3 years ago when he started with mobile home parks and created financial freedom, since then he has shifted his goals to the freedom that’s most important to him; financial, lifestyle and time. He used to live in Southern California but when he and his wife were looking for a home they realised that they’d have to spend millions for a place with a yard. They are really drawn to nature so they decided to look in different areas and moved to the mountains where they have acres of land and a high quality of life.

Bryce recently went travelling for 6 months which he was able to do because of the location freedom through his job. He spend time working on the business rather than in the business so that he could spend time away from the internet and the business kept going without him. He scaled this even further so that he wasn’t the only person responsible, so he has a great team on the group that he trusts.

For 2020 Bryce is going to be doing more of the same; mobile home parts, automatic teller machines and other real estate niches that are recession resistant. Bryce also has a podcast starting in May 2020 called Freedom Hack Radio. He was the coauthor of a book with Reed and some other expats, this was about how to reach financial freedom, how they each got to this position and some further opportunities to get involved with.

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