RG 210 – From Rock Bottom to The Flipping Queen: Overcoming Business Failures w/ Tamera Aragon

Tamara is a real estate investor who at 20 was the owner of a multi million dollar business. Since then she’s had many wins and fails in business and has done over 500 real estate transactions. She is the owner of a portfolio of rental properties averaging 5 flips a month. She has recently completed three deals while sitting on a beach and also coaches entrepreneurs at a semi-annual retreat for female entrepreneurs. She also runs a programme called Later Gold that pays finders fees to funnel FSBO’s into a hub of investors. Tamera made her first dollar buying lightbulbs for a nickel and selling them door to door at 8 years old.

At 20 Tamera had a degree in merchandising and a business selling clothing to nursing home residents. She hand wrote to nursing homes to see what kind of clothes they liked and bought in clothes and allowed the residents to choose. She made $500 in her first hour and then when the business grew she also did nail and cataloguing. With all this money she bought a ranch and bought and sold horses. After a while the government changed the law and stopped letting nursing homes handle money and so her business stopped. The stress of this caused her divorce, loss of house and then bankruptcy. Then her mother got cancer and Tamera looked after her until she passed away. Tamara finally hit rock bottom when she got into a car accident and was bed ridden and very injured.

It was only at this point that she allowed herself to depend on others and gain a better attitude. After she recovered she was walking through an airport and saw a book called the “One Minute Millionaire” which is all about multiple income streams and not putting all of your eggs in one basket which is what she had done before. The authors of the book did a free seminar which she went to and then a coaching course for $5K which she had to borrow money to attend. On this course she learned about real estate and found hope again. She made $67,000 on the first deal and went all in after that. Her biggest guidance to an aspiring entrepreneur is to get a mentor that knows what they’re doing and meet once a week.

Top tips

  • Most important daily habit – miracle morning
  • Most influential person – Mark and Bob the authors of One Minute Millionaire
  • Most important tool – Google
  • Most important failure – not relying on others
  • Contact – reiposse.com

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