RG 211 – The Importance of Personal Branding: How to Become a Unicorn in Your Market w/ Erik Cabral

Erik is a serial entrepreneur of a multifaceted company platform. Erik CabralHe’s the founder of a creative agency – Number One On-Air Brands, and he hosts the podcast event Podmax. He also has a real estate investment company called Mindato Investment Group. He is the cohost and producer of multiple podcasts and has recently started to edit the CashFlow Ninja podcast. He made his first dollar with a paper route and he also sold fireworks that his uncle gave him.

Erik was in corporate America for 20 years where he started at the bottom and got to the top with a good salary. He was a manager at an in-house creative agency and then outside agencies and corporations would hire. He was part of the in-house corporate creative and the agency world. After he got laid off the second time he realised he could go back but he was having his first child at the same time and was searching for other ways to invest outside the stock market. He read Rich Dad Poor Dad and it changed his life. He had 3-4 months before his redundancy so he took this time to listen to audiobooks and learn the industry and then he took the path to becoming a real estate investor.

6-8 months after opening the book he took on his first multifamily which he did with others. He tracked the whole journey on social media with logos etc and investors would ask him who had done his branding and socials. He started to help people and his business grew and he so he hired copy writers and editors and it became it’s own company. He created his own personal brand ‘Entrepreneur Circle’ and that helped him connect with bigger people and then they started asking him to create podcasts for them. It doesn’t always have to be podcasts; find your platform like video, writing, audio etc and leverage your skills. Trust in the process that you’re creating value in people’s lives and they will start to listen.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Affirmations, fitness and fasting
  • Most influential person – Kiyosaki and his wife
  • Most important tool – phone
  • Contact – podmax.co and onairbrands.com

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