RG 214 – Stop Being A Bottleneck In YOUR Business & Hire Virtual Assistants w/ John Jonas

John Jonas has created the largest website for finding virtual assistants (VA’s) and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed in their business by doing outsourcing differently. He is highly sought after for knowledge in finding good VA’s and helping people overcome economic challenges. He made his first dollar doing a paper round.

After college John worked for someone but he only lasted 10 months, he then started his own business and worked 60 hour weeks but still couldn’t get everything done. He went to outsource some of the work and after some iterations he found something that worked. The business was online real estate and then he moved onto affiliate based web products. He hired someone to write 14 articles for him and then he realised that after they were written he still had to read through them and check everything which isn’t saving time. This model of freelancing didn’t work for him. He had to let go of the fear of not being in sole charge of the business and let someone in. He didn’t have the time to get everything done and he was doing things he didn’t enjoy. After hiring someone to work with him he massively grew his online presence and he hadn’t had to do it himself. His advice is to find one thing in your business that you can teach to someone else. It’s really important to know what tasks you want to reassign and recognise what you’re doing. Spending the extra time explaining a task to a new employee will pay dividends.

John was running an investors group and every week they only wanted to know about his VA’s so he put everything he knew online and the article went wild. He built a system for recruiting PA’s from the Philippines  and started offering the system to other employees. The checking of the employee is done by the employer – not John’s company – so they’re not pre-approved.

The steps for hiring;

It’s always important than the entrepreneur does the hiring – don’t ask someone else to do it.

Search by keywords and look at common skills before you post the job.

Once responses come in put instructions in the job application; e.g., what to write in the subject line, so if someone doesn’t do this you can disregard the application.

Put tasks to the remaining people and this will allow you to see the speed of their response and quality of English etc.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – read scriptures to keep spirit up
  • Most influential person – Tim Ferris – 4 hour work week
  • Most important tool – the VA’s and snag-it
  • Most important failure – not understanding the market before he went into the business


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