RG 215 – The 6 Levels To Achieving Extraordinary Success w/ Trevor McGregor

Trevor made his first dollar by setting up a mini bowling alley in his garage and charging  his neighbours to have a go. trevor mcgregorHe had a very middle class entrepreneurial childhood. When he went into work he really enjoyed the people side of things and worked in hospitality after college.

Trevor is a coach of entrepreneurs and CEOs, but not specifically in real estate. He moved aware from real estate and towards mindset work. Tony Robbins was hiring coaches for lifestyle, business etc and he got selected. It was a rigorous selection process and his put his coaching at the next level. He took the leap out of corporate life to do this full time.

There are 6 needs for a human;







Top tips

  • Most important habit – meditation
  • Most influential tool – telephone
  • Most important failure – invested money into a restaurant and lost it – don’t get into something that you can’t control
  • Most important person – Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill



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