RG 217 – The Importance of Becoming Vertically Integrated as YOU Scale YOUR Portfolio w/ Kevin Bupp

Kevin has been investing full time since he was 19 and he’s now 40. He started doing single family investment because it’s what his mentor at the time had him doing. He just did as he was told, don’t reinvent he wheel, and followed him around for a year as an admin. He took him a year to save for his first property and used every penny in the deal. After a couple of years he was doing renovation, flipping and keeping one. He moved from Florida to Pennsylvania when he was 22 and saw lots of opportunity so got into it and ran. He didn’t have any family at this point so he focused on making money.

He was introduced to mobile home park investment at 2011 when he had lunch with a fellow investor. He took a year to study the market and then made an offer for one in Atlanta. He duplicated this again and again because the asset class didn’t have much competition at the time.

He was buying multifamily when the 2008 crash hit but it was the single family assets that sunk him. His credit was hi and his debt on single family homes was the problem, the bank wanted the money back so they had a fire sale. They luckily didn’t have to do any forclosures so he walked away whole. He had a 2 year hiatus after the crash and got into sports and fitness. At marathons he saw people writing their names on t-shirts and saw an opportunity. Rather than ruining a t-shirt with pen he started a printing business. It was a gap in the market so he did the research, hired VA’s and started an online business which allowed him to keep a roof over his head and pay the bills.



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