RG 218 – Learn to Redefine YOUR Hustle in Order to Achieve YOUR True Potential w/ Moneeka Sawyer

Moneeka is a lifestyle focused real state investor with an emphasis on helping women succeed in the real estate industry. Moneeka sawyerShe’s been investing for over 20 years and also runs a life by design business doing 5-10 hours a month working on the business. She’s also a best selling authors of the book ‘Choose Bliss’. Her parents where immigrants to Ohio in 1967, they came to the country with $200 in their pocket and heard that real estate was the golden ticket. They started saving and although her mother was an MD she couldn’t work in the US, so she used to make everything in the home to save money. They invested in their first project after Moneeka was born and this income paid for her college education. She grew up watching it all and hearing the money talk.

It was important to Moneeka that she mad her own money although her parents wouldn’t let her work while she was growing up. She went to UC Berkley and did dancing at the same time. She had dancing since she was 5 years old but at 21 she was in a car accident that dislocated her legs and she was in a chair for a few years. Her fiance left her, she gained weight and was very unhappy for a while. She ended up turning her life around and getting married, she designed her own life and didn’t expect others to fix it for her. Create a life based on your values rather than expectations. While she was in the hustle working 80 hours weeks she realised that her relationships were the most important thing and she needed to re-evaluate. When you’re in the hustle you need to do this evaluation ever 6 months to make sure that you’re still working towards where you need to be, rather than working for the sake of it.

Moneeka has a real estate podcast called Real Estate Investing for Women. It’s a  focus on mindset, money, hearts and strategy and a holistic approach to real estate. She invests in executive properties and has streamlined her strategies to keep everything blissful. She also teaches real estate and works with a school for the poor in India.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – good morning routine
  • Most important person – dad
  • Most important tool – books, reading kindle
  • Most important failure – bought dream home in 2008 and it lost half it’s value within a year – 500K – learnt to keep hold of bliss strategies and manage emotions
  • Contact – moneekasawyer on fb and insta


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