RG 219 – Digitally Transform YOUR Business To Streamline & Grow Revenue w/ Matt Shields

Matt is the CEO of Vertis Ventures. He started working at 19 years old and is now 39. Matt has experience is starting, owning and operating electrical contract companies and he’s now integrating technology and real estate. Matt made his first dollar fixing and restoring old sewing machines and selling them to the local antique shop.

Matt started buying houses at 19 and his family has always been involved in real estate. His aunt had rental properties so he used to watch her while she worked. His first property was a fix and flip and then he rolled the revenue into other rentals. He got into the electrical side of contracting because no one else in his family could do it and he worked for someone until he qualified and then started his own electrical contracting company.

He started to work more closely on energy conservation and targeted businesses with warehouses and told them how to save energy and money. Through this he started doing remote control work for properties in 2005. By 2008 he switched into technology at the same time that the iPhone came out. He developed an app that allowed customers to take a photo of what they wanted to be done and then contractors could quote on the work. The app didn’t go anywhere because it wasn’t funded and he didn’t do any marketing.

Now Matt works with companies to evaluate their information flows trough the company and then streamline and manage that process. When he started this tech company business he stopped buying real estate until about 2015 when he went into rental multi family apartment investing.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – To write down 1 goal and look at it each day
  • Most influential person – Howard Primer
  • Most importan tool – Slack
  • vertisventures.com

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