RG 220 – Ditch Your Financial Advisor & Learn to Free Up Cash Today! w/ Chris Miles

Chris is a cashflow expert and an ‘anti-financial’ advisor. He teaches entrepreneurs and professionals about how to get their money working for them. He us also an author and podcast host. Chris owns a company called Money Ripples which helps people achieve life changing financial results and clients have increased their cashflow by over $200million in the last 10 years. He made his first dollar working in a family art gallery at 8 years old cleaning and doing odd jobs. He went to college but left one project away from completing his bachelors in sociology. Chris was also an amateur ballroom dancer.

Chris dropped out of college because he wanted to be a business consultant so he needed real life experience. He had the opportunity to be a financial advisor around 2008 but on no salary only commission and he loved it. He did it for 4 years and saw the reality that people can’t return not heir current salaries so in 2006 he quit and did only mortgages and ballroom dancing. then he met other self made millionaires in real estate and was able to retire and look for the next step. He properly retired 3 years and and became the anti-financial advisor teaching people the opposite of the ‘norm’.

Chris was almost bankrupt in 2009 and hit rockbottom and reached out to others for help. He made $5million the next following year. Look at your attachment to your goals because this can trap you if you’re tracking a time based goal – see them as targets instead. Chris has a morning routine that sets him up for winning; get moving, eat well, drink water so by 5pm he’s ‘won’ for the day. To find success you need to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

7 secrets to free up cash in todays work

1 – track your money, income and expenses

2 – don’t be afraid of debt but respect it

3 – taxes. find side income to write off as much as possible

Top tips

  • Most important habit – morning routine
  • Most influential person – Les McGuire
  • Most important tool – Excel
  • Most important failure – not listening to his gut
  • Podcast – the chris miles money show


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