RG 222 – The Shift In U.S. Single Family Housing with BiggerPockets CEO Scott Trench

Scott is the CEO and President of biggerpockets.com. He has dedicated his career to helping the ordinary American build wealth through real estate investing and he’s also an author and podcaster. As an invested he manages $1.5million in a personal portfolio and he also has a brokerage license in Colorado. As a kid Scott made his first dollar helping neighbours as a kid.

Scott studied finance and economics at university and minored in finance and accounting. After university he got a job in a fortune500 company and became a fan of the ‘fire’ movement which stands for financial independence retire early. He started his career in August 2013 and by July the next year he had saved $20,000 then he went under contract on his first house hack and joined bigger pockets. He had always listened to the podcast and was a big follower, he joined a mastermind group on advice for the podcast. He took all the men from the group out to lunch one by one and one of them was collected to the founder of Bigger Pockets. He knocked on his door a few times until he was offered a director of operations job a the third employee.

One of the biggest ways that Bigger Pockets makes money is as a book publisher and it’s one of the biggest independent book publishers in America. The goal is that real estate investing education should be free and they’re combatting the guru’s who charge for courses.

Top tips

  • Most important habit- daily log printed out at day – top 3 goals
  • Most influential person – josh dorkin – founder of bigger pockets
  • Most important tool – his apple products
  • biggerpockets.com

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