RG 224 – Underwriting Pro Tips: The Impact of COVID-19 On Rental Growth & Losses w/ Ellie Perlman

Ellie is the founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital and she’s originally form Israel. With hard work and determination she put herself through law school and came to the the US to go to MIT. She started her career in the tech start-up world and then created Blue Lake Capital which is a real estate syndication group. She quit corporate life to follow this dream. She made her first dollar as a kid at 11 cleaning synagogs.

When Ellie was a lawyer in Telaviv she worked in commercial real estate law and after the crash she transitioned into property management and did that for 4 years. Then she realised that she wanted to go to the US and be a self-made woman because there were more opportunities than in Israel. She got a divorce and met someone new who was American. When they went to the US she wanted to learn the business side of things but needed a business degree so in 2014 she went to MIT.

She currently invests in Texas, Florida and Georgia and focuses on the major MSA’s in those markets. With everything happening at the moment you have to be even more cautious and conservative than usual. The most important thing at the moment is to protect lives so she’s closed all the common areas like pools etc and anywhere people can congregate. Ellie is getting ready to deal with people who can’t pay rent because they’re either sick or lost their job so she’s finding the right balance between being humans and business owners while also taking care of the investors.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Gary Keller the one thing – focusing on the one important thing each morning
  • Most important person – Sam Mizel
  • Most important tool – air table – free online site acquisition tracker – similar to excel
  • ellieperlman.com
  • ellie@ellieperlman.com

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