RG 230 – The Best Strategies for Millennial Investors w/ Robert Leonard

Robert Leonard is a full time corporate finance manager, host of the Millennial Investing podcast and the Real Estate Investing Podcast. Robert LeonardRobert is an avid stock market and real estate investor, he’s also passionate about out of state investing and helping millennials start their investing career. Since Covid-19 he’s been managing his portfolio and working his full time job. Robert made his first dollar as an adult because he wasn’t a very entrepreneurial child, he had his first job at 14 in Dunkin’ Donuts.

Robert did an undergrad degree in finance and economics and an MBA in accounting and finance. He also has a CMA accounting qualification. Up until he was 14 he wanted to be a motorcross driver and he was number 2 in the world for his age – there was only 1 more season until he could turn professional. This was until someone near him passed away while racing and he stopped almost overnight and didn’t ride again for 10 years. When he emerged from motocross he found Warren Buffett and got into his books and became excited about entrepreneurship.

The first podcast he listened to was about Warren Buffett and in the adverts the hosts said they wanted to leverage their brand and launch a new show about Silicone Valley. Robert really wanted to get involved but didn’t know much about tech or live in the valley. A few weeks later there was another similar advert but this time about real estate investing and he was really interested. He reached out and got involved in a stock investing show for millennials and then they launched the pure real estate show.

The Millennial Investing show aims to help people aged 25-35 to invest their time and money better through advise on personal finance and side hustles but not real estate. The real estate podcast is only about real estate and is targeted to newer investors at 4-5 deals. Robert’s biggest advice to millennials right now is to get your personal finance in order and invest for the long term. Get the highest paying job you can that still allows you to work on your side hustles alongside, then save 3-6 months of expenses in a savings account before you start. Also pay out your loans a few months in advance so that you have a buffer.

Top tips

  • Most important habit – The power list each day
  • Most influential person – His dad
  • Most important tool – Clickup (like Trello)

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