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RG 232 – Stop Being Emotional About Your Investments w/ Ali Boone

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Ali Boone is a former aerospace engineer and owner of Hipster Investments. She has facilitated over $18million in real estate sales in her first 5 years. Ali’s speciality is teaching about the power of passive investment and how to create a life by design. She started a turnkey rental property business that lets entrepreneurs earn passive income, Ali is location independent and she made her first dollar as a kid when she was paid by her parents to do daily reading.

Ali went to university for 2 years but only partied so she had a rethink and did a degree in being a pilot because her family were in the aerospace space. After her degree she realised that she couldn’t be anything else so she decided to major in engineering technology. Afterwards she couldn’t get a job without accreditation so she went into an engineering job.

Hipster Investments started as a side hustle while Ali was doing the engineering job, normally real estate is stuffy and intimidating and so Ali wanted to be a relaxed person in this industry. She chose the name because it makes people click on it when they wonder what it is – she received many more leads because of her name. The second benefit of the name is that she attracts the fun clients with open minds who she vibes with.

Ali knew when she started her engineering job that she wouldn’t be doing it forever, she wasn’t sure what the side hustle would be and then a real estate opportunity dropped into her lap. She did that deal and through it she met people in the industry – this was approximately 2011 and at the start of the turnkey boom. With turnkey all the hard work has been done for you so you just buy the finished product and have a rental property – Ali liked this because she didn’t have to lift a hammer. She made all her friends and family buy a turnkey property and she was sending so many people to her brokers that she got her license so that she could get the referral money. At this time she also became a writer for bigger pockets which really launched her. Over the last few years prices have done sky high which means that cashflow is lower but still possible. 

Top tips

  • Most important habit – Sleep
  • Most influential person – Robert Kiyosaki
  • Most important tool – email
  • Contact –